Obvious and wide seams can detract from an otherwise beautiful countertop. Can seams be invisible? We’ll let you take a look for yourself.

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Mont Blue Granite

The pattern in this stone makes it particularly challenging to make the seam inconspicuous. We use a slab layout software to create a virtual layout of every countertop before it’s cut, which helps get the best possible grain and pattern match.

Can you find the seam?

Hover the image after you think you’ve found it and see if you’re right.

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Denali Quartzite

Denali is a fairly expensive natural quartzite, with beautiful veining. Getting the layout that complements the slab and the kitchen is extremely important, as is minimizing the number of seams.

Can you find the seams?

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Calacatta Izaro Quartz

Quartz with the look of classic marble is one of the most popular material choices. However, hiding a seam on a white countertop is quite difficult. Our seams are fabricated in a way that allows them to be glued with an extremely tight tolerance. The combination of the tight seam and our using a virtual layout on every slab before it’s cut makes the seams nearly invisible.

Can you find the seam on this quartz countertop?

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Calacatta Valentin Quartz

Another beautiful white quartz with a marbled appearance. Again, the combination of a razor-tight seam with a virtual layout gives the result of a nearly invisible seam.

Are you getting better at find the seam?

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Silver Cloud Granite

Let’s take a look at another granite. Silver Cloud is a beautiful white and gray granite. The veining and natural patterns make it difficult to have a seam that isn’t an eyesore, as either mismatching the pattern or having a wide seam will detract from its beauty.

Can you spot this one?

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